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New Reviews! 5-stars & 4-stars

As authors, we receive no higher praise than when one of our readers comes to us and tells us how our work helped them through their first (or even second or third) airline experience. We wrote this book for the aviation professional-to-be, and we always strive to seek feedback from those who directly use this book.

However, it is also interesting to receive feedback from those who have no background in aviation and get their take on what we wrote. They focus on things above and beyond content such as structure, grammar, layout, and purpose. We weren’t sure what we would get in return from these companies, but WOW, has the response been amazing! Our first review was from Readers Choice last year which you can find in a previous blog post here. Our favorite line was:

“I have memories of sitting on the sofa when my father only had a couple hours left...would we go out for a nice family dinner, or will it be off a TV tray while Mom sulked? Only the pager knew. At least now I understand the 'why' behind it all. Very highly recommended”

This hit home due to the raw truth to our industry on display and how understanding the “why” behind it all helped someone, even if it was years after their father had left the airline world and joined retirement, come to terms with the industry.

After that review, we decided to seek a few more. And we were not disappointed! We received another 5-star review from Literary Titan which can be viewed HERE. And a 4-star review from Reedsy which can be viewed HERE.

Our favorite passages from these reviews are:

“Dexterously weave together technical, serious, and delightful aspects of airline operations. They strike a balance between engaging the aviation neophyte and satisfying those more familiar with the industry’s jargon.– Literary Titan

“I do career counsel with many young adults and several of them are interested in becoming a pilot… The Airline Transition Manual… provides a comprehensive manual for persons who wish to transition into the airline industry. The information provided in this book can help pilots and flight crew effectively manage their careers.” – Reedsy

We are grateful and encouraged by all forms of feedback that we get. Please take a look at these reviews and let us know what you think! Work has already begun on edition 2 of the ATM, and if you have any feedback that will help shape the next edition, we would love to hear it! You can tell us directly by filling out this FORM.

Thank you for your support! Richard, Jolanda, and Andrew

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