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Become an airline pilot

Military Pilots

Whether you are (or were) a rated aviator in one of the uniformed services, a crew chief or maintainer, fixed or rotorwing, props or jets, or are simply wanting to pair your interest in aviation with your VA educational benefits, this book is your field manual to understanding the airline pilot career.  It is not about aerodynamics or aircraft systems, and it is not a “how-to” manual on becoming a pilot; rather, it assumes that you are making (or want to make) a transition from military service to the airlines.  In which case, this is your guide to understanding the structure, hierarchy, training, schedules, regulations, and the professional culture of airline pilots.

Military service is highly valued by airline recruiters and hiring teams.  Your discipline, professionalism, ability to face adversity, and sense of duty are just a few of the things that airlines appreciate about hiring service members.  However, those coming from the services face unique challenges because they have not “grown up” in commercial aviation, like their civilian counterparts.  This manual will help you bridge this gap and assimilate more quickly and comfortably into your new profession.

Where do you go if you require assistance as a new hire pilot at an airline?  What is the pilot’s union and what do they do for you?  What about flight physicals and what is an aeromedical examiner?  How do you manage a reserve or guard gig along with a fulltime airline schedule?   This book answers these questions and offers practical, seasoned advice to help you make an informed and confident transition to the airlines.

And, fun fact, this manual was originally written with you specifically in mind!     

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