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Become an airline pilot

University Pilots

Coming from the rigors of university flight training, with its demanding schedule and strict standards, automatically gives university graduates a distinct advantage entering the airline pilot market.  It is no secret that airlines actively and aggressively recruit from university aviation programs.  In fact, when the major airlines were initially setting up their career pathway programs they first looked to university aviation programs to establish flow and early hire initiatives, recognizing their value.


So, why do you need a book that helps you get, retain, and prosper at an airline?


Simply put, university programs excel at teaching you how to operate the airplane, learn a new airplane, and understand regulatory theory as well as the operating environment when it comes to ATC, weather, and basic regulations.  What they can’t tell you, or often fall short of telling you, is how to live in the environment once you get an airline job.


For instance, how is training structured?  How do you bid for a monthly flight schedule?  What is reserve?  What is seniority and how is it applied? What is the real scoop on unions and their function at an airline?  How do the pros operate at the worlds busiest airports?  What is indoc?  How do I jumpseat?  Better yet – how do I jumpseat and not get in trouble?


These questions and much more are explored in our manual and designed to pull back the mystery of operating in the airline environment.  Because it isn’t enough to be a good pilot, you must come out of the gate understanding how the airlines operate in order to increase your quality of life, protect your certificate, and get to your dream job as quickly as possible.


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