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If you've already read the manual, you know that we end each chapter with a list of resources that we think are helpful to a new, and even seasoned, airline pilot. With the help of our partners, and additional resources that we have found after publication, we have built out this portion of our website to reflect some new and established resources that any airline professional will find helpful. Below you will discover:

High Value Industry Resources

Resources Separated By Chapter

Do you have a recommendation for resources that should be featured on this page? Feel free to submit a link and description on our "Contact Us" page.


Aero Crew News

Your Source for Pilot Hiring Information and more!

Aero Crew news

In Their Own Words:

Aero Crew News is a pilot-hiring magazine designed for pilots by pilots. Most months, we feature a mainline carrier, a regional carrier or a charter company that includes valuable information about the company, plus an interview gouge provided by an interviewer. Each month's issue of Aero Crew News also includes a variety of relevant articles, industry news, and a reference grid that compares more than 30 contractual aspects of three dozen airlines' pilot contracts. The Grid is continuously updated with current information and additional airlines' contracts.

At VATH Publishing, we support ACN through article submissions (Grey Matter) and sponsoring their annual photo contest. Our Pilot Pathway Comparator section is modeled after their "grid" concept.

Cage Marshall Consulting

Providing Authentic, Transparent, Professional, and Personalized Career Services Since 1988!

In Their Own Words:

At Cage Marshall Consulting, we've been helping pilots reach their career goals since 1988. No matter what the circumstances, as a Cage Marshall-trained interviewee, you will come off as prepared and professional, ready to overcome any obstacle thrown at you during the interview process. We can help you at every phase of your career, from university through post-retirement. We take a vested interest in all our clients, and are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream job. Your success is our success.

Angie and Cheryl were the first people outside our company to set eyes on our manual! They are an instrumental reason for it's existence, and we strongly recommend using their career services such as resume review and interview prep. Their team is second to none!

Cage Marshall Consultancy


The only logbook designed specifically for military pilots.

MilKEEP logbook professionals

In Their Own Words:

MilKEEP is the only electronic logbook platform designed specifically for military pilots.  MilKEEP helps pilots digitize flight records, store them securely in the cloud, and convert military flight time to a civilian equivalent (PIC, SIC, etc.) logbook for FAA certifications and airline applications.  Pilots can also log all of their civilian flight time and track metrics with an integrated dashboard.  As all major airlines have different reporting requirements, MilKEEP provides a suite of airline specific summary pages to make the application process seamless.  It also has multiple features to automate military specific paperwork for those still serving.  With MilKEEP, pilots can maintain ongoing military and civilian records all in one place!

At VATH Publishing, we have seen the difficulties military aviators have with getting their times converted to the civilian equivalent for a  job interview. MilKEEP is HANDS DOWN the most cost and time effective method of ensuring your times are correct and conveyed to your future employer accurately to land your dream job!

If you're a pure civilian aviator, then don't discount this service either, because they have a completely digital logbook option for you as well!

Military Pilot Transition

Preparing For What Comes Next

In Their Own Words:

You are about to enter a new phase of your flying career, so wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what you were getting into.  Here, we try to answer all the questions you may have about that next stage in life.  The information contained within is general in nature due to the ever changing aspects of this career field and the plethora of options available.

We don’t know everything, but we know where to find that information.  We can put you in contact with the Top Prep firms, Corporate Aviation Jobs listings and even get you fitted for the best Interview Suit you can buy, AND most companies like this one, are Veteran owned!! 

We at VATH Publishing believe this website offers the very best in terms of links and advice for our military pilot's who are seeking help making the next jump in their career. Give them a view!

Military Pilot Transition

Wingman Med

Pilots Helping Pilots Achieve FAA Medical Certification With Confidence

Wingman Med for pilot medical issues

In Their Own Words:

If you’re safe to fly, we keep you in the air. Founded by F/A-18 pilots turned board certified Aerospace Medicine physicians, we remain active pilots. With more than six decades of collective aviation experience, we understand the passion and joy that comes with flying and what it takes to do it.

Our mission is to keep you flying too. Navigating the FAA medical exam process can seem daunting and unpredictable, especially when faced with a new medical diagnosis. Our experienced staff is here to help you get your FAA medical certificate with efficiency and peace of mind.

Unlike your pilot’s certificate, your medical certificate always has an expiration date. Make sure your medical isn’t delayed or denied. Our consult service streamlines the process to avoid that hassle.

At VATH Publishing, we believe in Wingman Med's mission to help all pilots with their medical concerns. The team is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and motivated to help!


If you've already read The Airline Transition Manual, then you know we end most chapters with a list of recommended resources. Because links and resources become outdated quickly, we have provided a separate page for each chapter that has the most  up to date resources listed. Click on the chapter below to find clickable links to our recommended resources.

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