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Your ultimate guide to navigating and managing your airline pilot career.


Committed to Education in Aviation

Welcome to the Airline Transition Manual website - we’re happy you’re here. If you’re thinking about becoming an airline pilot or considering a career as an airline pilot, you’ve landed in the right place.

Learn more about the award winning book, content, authors, and how to get a copy of the only book that discusses in detail how the airline pilot profession works, and how to survive, thrive, and navigate your transition to the airlines.

Although this book is aimed at pilots considering, just beginning, or even having been at an airline for a little while, it’s nonetheless a valuable resource for anyone who works with flight crew or is seeking to understand how professional pilots and flight crews manage their careers and plot a course in through the often complex and peculiar pathways of the airline pilot.

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Airplane Above the Clouds

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Literary Titan Book Award
Kirkus star recommendation to purchase
Readers Choice Five Star Review
5-Star book review
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Become an airline pilot
Written By:

Richard Swindell
Jolanda Witvliet
Andrew Ross

What Readers Say:

"Full of critical information about the airline industry and a guide for how to put yourself in a position to be a great pilot. And a pretty engaging book to read!"
- Scott B. Consultant

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