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Introducing: Grey Matter

We are excited to announce another industry cooperation! We preach it often in our book, but we live it in how we handle relations with our supporters and readers; CONNECTIONS MATTER! Whether you are a new student, an aspiring aviator, a flight instructor, or a major airline pilot with tens of thousands of hours, building connections matters.

We have been honored this year to work with some great companies and groups. Our main distributor, Malavolti Aviation Pilot Shop has given our small and growing company a big lift. Our sponsorships with industry groups such as the Latino Pilots Association (LPA), Professional Asian Pilots Association (PAPA), RTAG – The Veteran to Aviation Charity, and ISA+21 have given us a chance to give back to our great community and meet so many of our readers. It was certainly a big year for us in 2022!

In keeping with that momentum, we are proud and excited to announce that we are partnering with Aero Crew News, to bring a new column to their monthly magazine and online database. Our column is called Grey Matter, and its very first article was just published on January 1st. In part one (of four) we talk about union basics, structure, and why they are important. Part two through four will dig deeper into union structure, committees, representation, and other important and often misunderstood aspects of what a union does and why it is necessary.

Okay, you might still be asking yourself why we picked the column title “Grey Matter?” Good question. The answer goes back to our publishing company, VATH Publishing, and our mission statement: We endeavor to bring the “grey” into black and white by focusing on educational materials and books that help fill in the gaps when traditional textbooks fall short. Essentially, our goal is to take all the “on-the-job” training and lessons learned from years of experience and put them into reference materials that help the next generation of pilots excel in their careers.

As a company, we are still working on our next title, which for now we will call the Career Companion, and have gathered a lot of great feedback on The Airline Transition Manual for our follow-up edition of that book. Plus, we have some other projects with new authors that are also in the works. However, we feel an avenue to connect more often (outside of this blog) will help us get information out even faster. Please visit Aero Crew News, subscribe to their monthly newsletter, and feel free to drop a request for an article! See below:


Richard, Jolanda, and Andrew

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