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Disaster on the Road – Part 5 series for Aero Crew News

From tornadoes to floods, power outages to break-ins, wildfires and other general mayhem, things will occur while you are out flying. Having contacts, a plan, and the ability to compartmentalize the situation until you can safely conclude your flying duties and adequately face the situation is imperative. In this month’s installment of dealing with disaster on the road, the focus is getting off the road and back home.

 “What would I do if …?” is something you probably do in the plane all the time: Where would I go right now if I lost an engine? What are my procedures if I have a rapid decompression over the mountains? We think about and plan for these exigencies of the air, but often neglect developing one for the ground. What would you do if your home experienced a flood, fire, or break-in? What is your plan for getting out of a trip and getting where you need to be in order to deal with an emergency?

Whether you are single, have a significant other, partner or spouse at home, ask yourself where the “line in the sand” is for calling off a trip and heading there as quickly as possible. What can a spouse or partner (or even a neighbor) handle and not handle in your absence? Is this line a flooded basement? What about a tree branch that fell and crushed your carport? How about a sick or injured child or family member in an emergency room?

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