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Disaster on the Road – 4 part series for Aero Crew News

Andrew Ross wrote a four part series for Aero Crew News on Disasters on the road. You can read all four parts below:

I knew something was wrong when the texts stopped coming. Constant messages from my family, which had been coming in consistently every few seconds, had screeched to a halt. I was left with my thoughts and concerns, of which there were many. But time wasn’t on my side. The main cabin door was closed, the flight attendants were ready, all checklists were completed, and I was going to Paris. So, I strapped myself in, put my phone in airplane mode, and focused on the task at hand, which was assisting the captain as first officer in taxing and departing, before I went on break for a few hours. It was a very long taxi. Continue reading part 1 by clicking here.

Part 2: Disaster on the road

Last month, we heard how disaster struck while Andrew was on a trip. A tornado came through Andrew’s hometown and tore the gable off his roof and did some additional exterior and interior damage. We hear how he was told, and how he had to focus on the task at hand. This month, we discuss the steps you should be aware of and take if you find yourself in a similar situation. Keep reading by clicking here.

In part 1 & 2 of this series, we heard about how Andrew’s house was damaged by a tornado while he was away on a trip, and how tough it can be to coordinate a response from thousands of miles away. We have heard the importance of setting up a disaster plan and knowing exactly which steps need to be taken to make sure your house and property are secure. Today, we discuss how to start building back. Click here to read part 3.

In parts 1 through 3 of this series, Andrew detailed his experience with a tornado that struck his house while he was on a trip and how he had to deal with the fallout while 3500 miles from home. In this instalment of the story, Andrew outlines his most important suggestions for getting yourself and your family prepared in case the worst should happen. Click here to read part 4.

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